I am trying to achieve multicolumn cells in org-mode tables like in Multicolumn cells in org-mode tables, but with Latex inside the cells.

  * Minimal Example
  |            |           \pi            |
  |            +-------------+------------+
  |            |$\pi$        |            |

I found https://orgmode.org/manual/Tables-in-LaTeX-export.html and tried

  #+ATTR_LATEX: :mode math 


  #+ATTR_LATEX: :mode math-inline

but no success.

The exported tex in the tex file is


Can I protect the string in the cell? Is it possible?

  • Unfortunately, Org mode treats table.el tables as black boxes: it does not look inside them and in particular, it does not do the translation to LaTeX. That is done by a table.el function called table-generate-source which can translate the table into a number of languages (including html and LaTeX) but it has limitations. In particular, it escapes \ and $ indiscriminately, so it seems it cannot handle math mode at all.
    – NickD
    Commented May 30, 2020 at 3:20


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