I'm working on a .py document using a fresh apt install of emacs 25.2.2 on Ubuntu 18.04.

When typing TAB with several lines selected, the behavior is not what I remember getting previously, and not what I want. The current behavior seems mysterious. Example:

# a
if 1:
    # b
    if 2:
        # c
        print 3
    # d
    print 4

Selecting everything and typing TAB results in "# d" being indented, when I expected it to not change anything. So I thought maybe the default multi-line TAB behavior was equivalent to successive TAB on each line, but this is not the case either:

Changing "if 2:" to "print 2" and selecting the lines with "# c" and "print 3" then typing TAB only causes "# c" to unindent once, leaving "print 3" double-indented and now causing an indent error. I expected everything selected to unindent once.


How can I permanently change the behavior of TAB with multiple lines selected to what I expect? such that:

  • selections of code that were previously free of indent errors continue to be free of indent errors
  • comments that are aligned to the first line of code succeeding them are adjusted with that code

Based on reading, I believe I want TAB to enact a rigid auto-indent based on the first line highlighted. However, I'm not interested in typing multiple keys to achieve this, but only want to type TAB after highlighting.

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