has someone come across the same issue maybe:

org-drill is a great package for spacemacs and works quite well out of the box for one- and twosided cards as well as clozes.

However, I can for the life of me not figure out how to use org-drill with verbs. the example file spanish.org (see here) does provide a :DRILL_CARD_TYPE: spanish_verb and according to org-drill.el I would expect that running M-x org-drill drills verbs too.

However, on my spacemacs installation (develop branch 0.300.x) org-drill will not run these verbs.

Has somebody come across the same issue and found a possible solution? Could this be a bug?

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Seems like it was related to this question:

org-drill isn't letting me drill

org-drill would not recognize the verbs - even if PROPERTIES were set right - as sth to drill. So inserting a comment #spanish_verb right after the


worked for me.

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