Windows 10, Emacs 25

  1. Select text enter image description here
  2. second word is upper case.
  3. Press C-s
  4. Paste text

enter image description here Why whole text is lower case in mini buffer?


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isearch is case-insensitive by default, and this behaviour is connected to that.

Typing M-c while isearching calls isearch-toggle-case-fold which enables you to switch to a case-sensitive search, at which point you'll observe that your search string will retain its mixed-case when you paste it into the minibuffer.

The manual says:

Normally, when the search is case-insensitive, text yanked into the search string is converted to lower case, so that the search remains case-insensitive (*note case folding: Lax Search.). However, if the value of the variable ‘search-upper-case’ (*note search-upper-case: Lax Search.) is other than ‘not-yanks’, that disables this down-casing.


  • C-hig (emacs)Isearch Yank
  • C-hig (emacs)Lax Search
  • M-x customize-option RET search-upper-case

If you select the text and paste it while the pointer is still in the scratch buffer ( in your example) the text is copied all lower case.

This is corrected by moving the pointer to the minibuffer like so: copy-region: M-w, calling I-serach: C-s or M-x I-search-forward ,moving the pointer to the mini buffer: C-x o, mouse click, or whatever method you use, and yank C-y.

The text will be copied correctly.

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    Alt-e is a quick way to edit the isearch string.
    – InHarmsWay
    Jul 8, 2018 at 14:05

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