Recently I started using minimap-mode, but it has been a bit buggy as sometimes when I split the window and open two different buffers, it won't let me go back to a buffer with code (and minimap).

So I when I do C-x o, it goes to the other buffer for a second, the minimap appears, but suddenly it disappears and emacs sends me back to the previous buffer.

It is strange, since it is not happening always, so I really don't know what can be causing it.

Any ideas?


It's been happening to me ever since I installed Emacs + Spacemacs.

After a year, I decided to fiddle with M-x customize group minimap, and just found out that the 3rd option from top to bottom, "Minimap Automatically Delete Window: [Toggle] off", did the trick.

Now it's possible to C-x o between visible buffers.

Edit: However, C-x o may allow switching to the minimap buffer as well. Still, a minor, tolerable quirk in comparison to the original problem.

  • This solved my problem perfectly on Emacs 26.1 and I haven't seen a problem yet with switching into the minimap buffer. – Noah Sussman Feb 6 '19 at 16:00

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