I am trying to install the gauche-mode. Running the M-x package-install-file and giving the /path/to/gacuhe-mode/ directory gives the Read error: is a directory, /path/to/gacuhe-mode/. How can i install it with this command otherwise? I am using emacs 24


Installing a package from a directory (as opposed to a .el or .tar file) through package-install-file is only supported from Emacs 25.1; see the NEWS entry.

You might be better off adding the directory to your load-path and requiring it:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/gauche-mode")
(require 'gauche-mode)

a package that is not in elpa /melpa. can be installed manually. You need to direct to the .el files rather than to the directory. See the following ergonomic-emacs post.

  • place the mode's folder in the ~/.emacs.d path.

  • M-x load-file then give the path : ~/PATH/TO/FILE/gauche-mode.el

  • follow the rest of the instruction for paredit and other functionalities in the readme on gauch-github

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