This gnu emacs 25.3.1 is installed on windows 10 pro laptop. I like it to open in full screen.

Current windows Display settings:  
Change Size of Text, Apps and Other items: 125% Recommended  
Resolution: 1920 x 1080  


default-frame-alist: nil  
initial-frame-alist: top 1, left 1, width 1920, height 1080  

But when I click the emacs icon, the initial screen is not the full screen, yet after the initialization "normally after 5 seconds", it goes full screen, but with 2 problems:

  • 1) the top right windows 3 buttons hidden out of sight (mini, max, close icons).
  • 2) the left of the frame is 2 mm from the left of the screen.

It is only when I double click the top of the frame that it goes to "normal" full screen showing the 3 control icons on the top right corner and the left edge of the frame is flush with the left of the screen.

How can I fix it so that it opens nicely full screen first time?


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