I use this in emacs to connect and execute commands remotely:

#+BEGIN_SRC sh :dir /ssh:app_user@

: /tmp

Recently, people have gone "cloud scaling" so the IP address changes often.

The IP address can be determined by this bash:

sentinel list staging | grep InService | ruby -ne '$_=~/\A  (.*?) /; puts $1' | tail -n 1

How can I modify the header

+BEGIN_SRC sh :dir /ssh:app_user@

to dynamically determine the IP address.


Assuming that your bash script only puts out the ip, you could use the following function:

(defun get-ssh-ip ()
  "Query the ip address and return the result as value for sh block header option :dir."
  (let ((ip (shell-command-to-string "sentinel list staging | grep InService | ruby -ne '$_=~/\A  (.*?) /; puts $1' | tail -n 1")))
    (format "/ssh:app_user@%s:/tmp" ip)))

And use it in your org files:

#+header: :exports both
#+header: :results output
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :dir (get-ssh-ip)

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