When in press letter "b" within a elfeed search window, the in-effect elfeed filter should change from whatever it has (default - @6-months-ago +unread) to "foo"

How can I do it?

what I tried

(setq elfeed-search-filter "foo")   

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You can use the function elfeed-search-set-filter non-interactively:

(elfeed-search-set-filter "foo")

Underneath, this boils down to something very similar to your attempt:

(with-current-buffer (elfeed-search-buffer)
   (setf elfeed-search-filter "foo")
   (elfeed-search-update :force))

If you want to make the "foo" filter have its own binding, you can wrap that elfeed-search-set-filter call into an interactive function and bind that to b:

(define-key elfeed-search-mode-map "b" #'<your function's name>)

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