I have this simple function that opens an external shell (st) in the same directory of the current buffer:

(defun external-shell-in-dir ()
  (start-process "st" nil "st"))

However, if I type in the terminal emacsclient -e "(external-shell-in-dir)" it opens a terminal in my home directory and not in the directory of the current window of emacs.

By the way, I am using spacemacs and I need this for a script to use inside i3wm.

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Your shell command will be picking up on whatever the default-directory is for the current buffer, and emacsclient sets the server buffer as the current buffer by default. The current buffer needn't be displayed in a window at all, so although there will still be a "selected window" for the frame, you will need to select that window explicitly (which will make its buffer the current buffer for the duration).

Try this:

emacsclient -e "(with-selected-window (selected-window) (external-shell-in-dir))"

Of course that may or may not have selected the frame you intended, so you might want to wrap with-selected-frame around that, assuming you have a reliable way to choose it.

You may find it helpful to test the likes of:

emacsclient -e "(current-buffer)"
emacsclient -e "(selected-window)"
emacsclient -e "(selected-frame)"
emacsclient -e "(frame-list)"

If it's feasible for your use-case, I think using with-current-buffer and an explicit buffer to act on would be a more robust approach.

  • emacsclient -e "(current-buffer)" gives me the *server* buffer, while with (selected-window) I obtain the desired behaviour, thanks.
    – Marco Ieni
    Jun 29, 2018 at 11:18

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