I'm a noob in Emacs org mode. I convert a note of my friend's from .lyx to .tex with lyx then I use pandoc to convert it into .org. As default under heading I find:

:CUSTOM_ID: title-of-chapter

But when i run C-c C-e l p to interpret with LaTeX I found ":CUSTOM_ID: title-of-chapter" rendered as pdf. What's happening?


To stop the export of drawers in general, or property drawers in particular, you can add an options line to your file:

#+OPTIONS: d:nil prop:nil

You can also set the corresponding variables in your init file and make those settings permanent:

(setq org-export-with-drawers nil)
(setq org-export-with-properties nil)

I would recommend that you NOT do the latter: it will create problems in the future after you have forgotten all about the setting and you absolutely need to export a property drawer. The #+OPTIONS setting is much more flexible IMO.

  • thank you NickD. It works, also I change all CUSTOM_ID:yada-yada to <<yada-yada>> and seems to works well. – acidwinzip 77 Jul 6 '18 at 8:47

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