Is there a package that can tell me the arguments for c++ constructor?

class T1 {
        T1(int x, int y);

T1::T1(int x, int y) {
    std::cout << x+y << std::endl;

int main() {
    T1 h1(5, 5);
    return 0;

For example when I write T1 h1( it informs me the constructor takes int x and int y.


There's rtags. An introduction is available at Vx Labs, Step-by-step guide to C++ navigation and completion with Emacs and the Clang-based rtags. The introduction presents an rtags installation via the ELPA packaging system, noting a dependency on the Debian/Ubuntu libclang 'dev package (e.g libclang-3.6-dev in Ubuntu 14.04) and also mentions the support for company-mode in rtags.

Some more information about company-mode, elsewhere at the Emacs Stack Exchange: How can I get C/C++ context-sensitive completion with Company?

Alternately, of course there's cscope and similar - at the Emacs Wiki, some information/advice, CScopeAndEmacs

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