Once I enter into the logs for a repo from the status buffer (using ll) how do I search through the log buffer by username? Just using regular isearch doesn't seem to pick up the author names in the margin. I know I can limit the commits to just a particular user using shiftL=a but I really just want to search through the authors in the margin and see where a certain set of commits by an author are relative to the other commits.

  • Magit buffer is just a regular Emacs buffer, so you could do any search you like, in particular, you could do M-s o (an alias to M-x occur), which would create a new buffer with links to the original Magit log buffer. – wvxvw Jul 10 '18 at 5:37

Quoting an answer I got from the mailing list:

"If you set ++header in the log buffer, the fields specified by magit-log-revision-headers-format will be inserted in the log buffer. Author is included in the default value."

The solution was to essentially ignore the log margin and set the headers with -h, then search through the authors there.

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