I created a custom minor mode for my Wordpress projects:

(define-minor-mode wordpress-mode
  "Wordpress minor mode"
  :lighter " Wordpress")

(provide 'wordpress-mode)

And on my init.el I load the package, associate the minor mode to the major mode web-mode and enable yasnippets for this extra minor mode.

;; ---- Wordpress Custom Minor Mode --------
;; Loads Wordpress Custom Minor Mode Manually
(use-package wordpress
  :load-path ("~/.emacs.d/elpa-offline/wordpress")

  ;; Turn on `Wordpress mode and snippets when web-mode on.
  (add-hook 'web-mode-hook (lambda ()
                 (wordpress-mode 1)
                 (yas-activate-extra-mode 'wordpress-mode )


Just to clarify, everything works fine, but everytime I open Emacs I get an error:

Error (use-package): wordpress/:catch: Required feature ‘wordpress’ was not provide

I tried removing the lambda function and leaving just the load-path and enabling the minor mode by hand with M-x wordpress-mode. I still get the same error on Emacs opening.


(provide 'wordpress-mode) provides a feature named wordpress-mode and your use-package config clearly wants to (require 'wordpress) and is, naturally, failing to do so.

Check the use-package documentation -- I'm sure there's a simple way to specify that the feature symbol name and the library name are not the same. Without use-package, this would be: (require 'wordpress-mode "wordpress")

Or just (provide 'wordpress) instead -- it's your library, after all, so you can call the feature whatever you want to.

  • (provide 'wordpress) did the trick, now I got no error or warning. Thank you – Fabman Jul 10 '18 at 12:36

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