Using emacs 25.2.2 on Kubuntu 18.04 with evil and evil-org.

Here is a very basic question that I could not get a clear answer for, despite googling.

I want to define a keyboard binding that works ONLY in org-agenda when it is under evil.

I want to be able to press C-s to execute save-all-org-buffers.

How do I achieve that?


You can achieve that with following code:

(evil-define-key 'normal org-agenda-mode-map
  (kbd "C-s") 'save-all-agenda-buffers)

Adjust first argument of evil-define-key to whatever evil <state> you are using for org-agenda buffers.

However I am not sure about save-all-agenda-buffers function - it doesn't exist in my Emacs with org-mode 9.1.3. If it doesn't exist in your Emacs either, I would suggest you to use org-save-all-org-buffers instead.

noctuid/evil-guide is great help resource to look at when you setting up evil in Emacs

  • Thanks! But that does not work. I added that code to my init.el, did evaluate-buffer, went to my agenda and tried C-s It still does incremental search. I did C-h k C-s while in agenda. It shows incremental search as a command. Also, it is org-save-all-org-buffers. I have edited the question. Lastly, that is a great resource, indeed. – deshmukh Jul 19 '18 at 5:53
  • I figured out the error. At least in my case, agenda is displayed in motion state. So, I changed 'normal to 'motion and all is well now. – deshmukh Jul 19 '18 at 6:11

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