Running emacs 25.2.2 with evil installed and updated from Melpa.

When I run ediff, it asks for usual buffer A and buffer B and then ONLY the ediff buffer in its own frame is visible with 'Type ? for help'. I can switch to the other emacs frame where the two files are shown as expected. But none of the ediff commands work.

Earlier (without evil) ediff showed a nice three window setup with two buffers on top and ediff control buffer at the bottom.

How do I get that behavior back?

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M-x customize-option RET ediff-window-setup-function RET

Select "Single Frame".

(Much better than the default, IMHO; especially in a tiling window manager, where the multi-frame config is all but unusable.)

I can't fathom why evil might be poking its nose into that configuration, mind you. If that actually turns out to be the cause, I would report it as a bug. Note that the multi-frame config is the default for GUI frames, though; so maybe it's the other way around, and something which used to set the single-window config is now refraining from doing so.

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    Thanks. That was perfect. I am using KDE Plasma. But single frame is much better than the default, I agree. And no, even with evil ediff now behaves as expected. So I guess it was about setting that option :)
    – deshmukh
    Jul 21, 2018 at 0:52

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