I am using spacemacs which contains org-mode and evil. Whenever I insert a heading (either org-insert-heading, org-insert-heading-after-current or org-insert-subheading), I have to do two extra actions: move cursor to the end of line, change to insert mode to start typing. How do I get these two actions done automatically for all the insert heading functions?

What I am thinking now is to write wraper functions for these functions, and then redefine the shortcut keys. But wouldn't there be a better way?

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You need to set org-M-RET-may-split-line to nil via:

(setq org-M-RET-may-split-line nil) in your .spacemacs or .emacs file.

look at the documentation for org-insert-heading with SPC h d f in spacemacs or C-h f in emacs. Setting that variable to nil will tell org to never split the line on an insert.


The following function should meet your goal:

(defun my-insert-new-sibling-after-current (&optional force-heading)
 (if force-heading ; is set to t
         ((org-on-heading-p) (org-insert-heading-after-current))
         (t                  (progn 
                                (org-speed-move-safe (quote outline-previous-visible-heading))
                                (org-insert-heading-respect-content nil))))
         ((org-on-heading-p) (org-insert-heading-after-current))
         ((org-at-item-p)    (org-meta-return))
         (t                  (org-return))))
 (evil-append nil))

As pointed to in this answer, setting evil-move-beyond-eol to non-nil, although not very vimesque, would allow you to move pass the last character, fixing the unwanted behavior you're having.

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