Windows 10, Emacs 25.1, Helm, Magit

I have many git projects in different folders. Is it possible to show list of names for all git projects in one buffer?

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One existing approach is: https://magit.vc/manual/magit/Repository-List.html#Repository-List. After setting magit-repository-directories, you can use M-x magit-list-repositories to display these repositories.

Here is my setting.

(setq magit-repository-directories
        '(("~/.emacs.d"                . 0)
          ("~/.emacs.d/straight/repos" . 1)
          ("~/src"                     . 1)))

Here is a screenshot of M-x magit-list-repositories.

Screenshot of M-x magit-list-repositories


One option would be via projectile. Git repos are considered projects by default. Doing M-x projectile-switch-project or C-c p p lists all git repos. This may not be the solution you're after and there is probably a better way but it works well for me if I haven't added a directory to my bookmarks.

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