How can I set timers in Emacs to trigger at certain times of day? Midnight mode adds hooks for a single "midnight" time, but I would like to create separate hooks for multiple clock times.

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You can use run-at-time to run some code at a specific time.

For example, to message "go home" every day at 5 pm:

(setq go-home-timer
      (run-at-time "5:00pm"
                   (* 24 60 60)
                   (lambda ()
                     (message "go home!"))))

You can stop it with:

(cancel-timer go-home-timer)

You can create a hook and set it up to run at 5pm every day:

(defun end-of-work-hook nil
  "The hook run at the end of the day")

(setq go-home-timer
      (run-at-time "5:00pm"
                   (* 24 60 60)
                   (lambda () (run-hooks 'end-of-work-hook))))

Then you add things to that hook as normal:

(add-hook 'end-of-work-hook
          (lambda ()
            (message "go home!")))

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