Is it possible to place a list-item scheduled for different days? The item should then be displayed when I hit C-c a a for agenda-view. I don΄t mean a date that is repeated on a regular basis, or a range, which both are described in the manual under Timestamps, deadlines, and scheduling, but dates that are scheduled in a random way.

What I did was place three SCHEDULED below the date:

* TODO Get schwifty
SCHEDULED: <2018-08-04 Sa>
SCHEDULED: <2018-08-06 Mo>
SCHEDULED: <2018-08-09 Th>

This makes them available agenda-view, but the second and third entry look a bit odd as they lack the SCHEDULED. Are there any drawbacks to what I did or is there a more elegant way to achieve this?

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If "Get Schwifty" is a TODO entry, why group it? It will be better to have seperate entries i.e:

*TODO Get Schwifty <2018-08-04>
*TODO Get Schwifty <2018-08-06>
*TODO Get Schwifty <2018-08-09>

This way completion will be documented and useful in the agenda.

or have a list with a button:

** TODO Get another Shwifty
- [ ] <2018-08-04>
- [ ] <2018-08-06>
- [ ] <2018-08-09>

Both methods shows in the agenda because of the type of time stamp, scheduling is different, as per the org manual:

Scheduling an item in Org mode should not be understood in the same way that we understand scheduling a meeting. Setting a date for a meeting is just a simple appointment, you should mark this entry with a simple plain timestamp, to get this item shown on the date where it applies. This is a frequent misunderstanding by Org users. In Org mode, scheduling means setting a date when you want to start working on an action item.

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