I am using spacemacs with Emacs V26.1, with package elpy, on a Macbook. I believe this also happens on Windows.

the issue is when I run the magic function %hist in the IPython shell, i got lots of information like below:

import codecs, os;__pyfile = codecs.open('''/var/folders/y1/197_jjzs1yv2qz0m26z1jkxw0000gn/T/pysfAkcq''', encoding='''utf-8''');__code = __pyfile.read().encode('''utf-8''');__pyfile.close();os.remove('''/var/folders/y1/197_jjzs1yv2qz0m26z1jkxw0000gn/T/pysfAkcq''');exec(compile(__code, '''/var/folders/y1/197_jjzs1yv2qz0m26z1jkxw0000gn/T/pysfAkcq''', 'exec'));
import codecs, os;__pyfile = codecs.open('''/var/folders/y1/197_jjzs1yv2qz0m26z1jkxw0000gn/T/pythwlpb''', encoding='''utf-8''');__code = __pyfile.read().encode('''utf-8''');__pyfile.close();os.remove('''/var/folders/y1/197_jjzs1yv2qz0m26z1jkxw0000gn/T/pythwlpb''');exec(compile(__code, '''/var/folders/y1/197_jjzs1yv2qz0m26z1jkxw0000gn/T/pythwlpb''', 'exec'));
import codecs, os;__pyfile = codecs.open('''/var/folders/y1/197_jjzs1yv2qz0m26z1jkxw0000gn/T/pyUwYsfX''', encoding='''utf-8''');__code = __pyfile.read().encode('''utf-8''');__pyfile.close();os.remove('''/var/folders/y1/197_jjzs1yv2qz0m26z1jkxw0000gn/T/pyUwYsfX''');exec(compile(__code, '''/var/folders/y1/197_jjzs1yv2qz0m26z1jkxw0000gn/T/pyUwYsfX''', 'exec'));

anyone had the same issue and is there a way to remove these?

  • What's your ipython version? This is probably Bug#25753, but Bug#32042 might be relevant too. – npostavs Aug 5 '18 at 21:39
  • Add some info about the layer used - see also this github.com/TheBB/elpy-layer and the historical one here github.com/syl20bnr/spacemacs/issues/2050. Note there are also some other solution(s) in using elpy in spacemacs. – Ian Aug 6 '18 at 13:21
  • i think it is because the default python-shell-interpreter-args has argument of --simple-prompt, removing that solves this issue. Thanks to all! – shelper Aug 7 '18 at 0:27
  • i am wrong, removing the --simple-prompt does not help .... – shelper Aug 7 '18 at 1:21

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