In spacemacs, I want SPC p f to ignore one directory in the files it suggests. I followed the Projectile docs for ignoring files. I added a line to both my ~/.emacs.d/.projectile file and the .projectile file in the root of the project. None of the following seem to work for ignoring a folder:

-.folder -.folder/** -**/.folder -.folder/**/*

(note that the folder to ignore does have a . in its name)

Am I missing some reindex command? I tried SPC p I which did something, but didn't fix this problem. Closing and opening Emacs did nothing.

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Take a look at this answer, which I report entirely here

if you want to use .projectile list of ignored files, you should try with

(setq projectile-enable-caching t) (setq projectile-indexing-method 'native)

... inside your config file. It looks like ignoring by .projectile list is currently working with native indexing method. More details: in github . With alien method .gitignore is working well (but alien is not respecting .projectile list).

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