I really like the ability to quickly go between CSV tables like this:

a, b, c
this, TRUE, 5,
that, FALSE, 8

...and org mode tables, that look like this:

| a    | b     | c |
| this | TRUE  | 5 |
| that | FALSE | 8 |

...using org-table-create-or-convert-from-region.

However, I often work with CSV files where the strings are quoted, i.e.:


Converting this to an org mode table gives:

| a    | b     | c |
| this | TRUE  | 5 |
| that | FALSE | 8 |

...which means that when converting back to CSV, I lose the quoting of "this" and "that".

Is there a simple way to import CSV tables into org mode while preserving quotes around strings (i.e. cells would like like | "this" |)?

  • There are many slightly different formats called CSV, but in the most common one, a field "blah" is exactly equivalent to just plain blah, so it doesn't matter that those quotes aren't preserved. The org export function do put quotes when they are necessary, such as when one field contains a comma or a quote character. – Omar Aug 6 '18 at 22:32

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