Emacs 26.1 org-mode: 9.1.9

I have an issue with the way org-capture expands a template when it comes to line beginnings:

This template

(setq org-capture-templates
 '(("o" "Todo" entry (file+headline "~/org/experimental.org" "Tasks")
        "* TODO %^{One}\nBeginning-of-line-Text\n<-- There should be no whitespace -->%^{Two}\n** %^{Three}\n- %^{Four}")))

Expands to this:

* Tasks
** TODO One
 <-- There should be no whitespace -->Two
*** Three
 - Four

The crucial issue are the lines that start with a space / whitespace / indentation (the lines 3, 4 and 6). It seems that C-c C-c inserts only at the beginning of lines a space as it does not add a space before "-->Two". Furthermore \n** Three was expanded as expected (see line 5: *** Three) I think this is not a bug but for some reason the intended behaviour . Yet I would like the template to expand more "literally", meaning the expression following directly after \n should always start at the beginning of the next line. Any help is highly appreciated.

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I found the solution although I must admit, I still don’t see, why this problem never occured in Org outlines I typed in directly:

The custom-set-variable is called org-adapt-indentation and it has to be set to nil. In other words, after I added:

'(org-adapt-indentation nil)

to my .emacs file I finally got rid of the white space (actually the indentation) in the target file.

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