Lately, I started to learning or improve my knowledge in OOP. Starting to learning cuis-smalltalk, (I was not sure to make this journey or continue with CLOS or EIEIO). I found the Squeak IDE, quite similar to Emacs and (Slime) ot the Elisp development.

So I would know if it exsits somethink similar in emacs lisp (tutorial, package). I know that exists Shampoo so may be to port this features (Class Browser) to Elisp. and also if Emacs lisp EIEIO, could be a good way of introducing OOP. And also for this are other answer, but I'm dubting wich lisp go inside emacs lisp or Common lisp.

So after this confise introduction. I woul know if exists some thing in emacs, that will teach emacs lisp or/and eieio like the smalltalk environments

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    Please clarify what the question is. – Dan Aug 10 at 12:05
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    Have you considered that a language that's not fundamentally built around class hierarchies won't work with that kind of IDE? – wasamasa Aug 10 at 19:52
  • Really not thought, about that consideration. Good point – anquegi Aug 10 at 21:34

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