I'm looking for a way to display hidden characters like newline and tab characters in emacs. I am NOT trying to convert the characters, just display them in the current buffer.

In vi(m), I can do this with the :set list command. Additionally, I can customize the appearance of the characters something like this:

set listchars=tab:▸\ ,eol:¬

This makes it easy to see tabs and where new lines start. I desperately need this feature in emacs as well, can someone provide it? Many thanks.


Try M-x whitespace-mode to toggle display of space, line breaks, etc. You can set whitespace-style to control what gets displayed. (Try M-x customize-variable whitespace-style to see what options are available.)

You might also try: M-x customize-group whitespace, to see all the related options -- whether to turn on whitespace-mode globally, how to display each kind of whitespace, etc.


@glucas gave the standard answer for this question: Vanilla Emacs provides whitespace-mode out of the box.

EmacsWiki page ShowWhiteSpace describes some other approaches, one of which is library highlight-chars.el.

You can use highlight-chars.el to easily highlight any sets of characters that you choose, including whitespace characters. There are commands and functions to use on hooks.

You can highlight whitespace and other easily confused characters: spaces, tabs, hard spaces, and hard hyphens, as well as trailing whitespace.

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