So I know that I can put at the first or second line of a file a line such as:

# -*- mode: conf -*-

to tell Emacs what major mode I want the file to be opened with.

But if that mode isn't installed I wish Emacs to fallback to a different mode. For example I wish to use the apache-mode, but if it doesn't exist I wish to fallback to conf-mode.

Is this possible, and if so how?

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Found it:

# -*- mode: conf; mode: apache -*-

It seems that the last valid mode wins, so I need to put the my wanted mode last, and the fallback mode(s) before it.

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    Interesting. I suspect that will activate all the named modes (those that are available at least), one after the other. This should do no harm, but might be a bit time consuming. It's a handy trick, though. Commented Aug 23, 2018 at 8:18

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