This is rather strange though it seems merely an aesthetic issue.

I use something like

(setq org-ellipsis "  ")

to customize the ellipsis. However, whatever characters I choose, there is always a line under the new "ellipsis". For the above setting, it simply shows like this

* a Title___

I have tried to start emacs at the terminal with -q option, but the problem always exists. Notice that the underline does not appear if I just use the default .... I actually had this problem for some time now, and once in a while, a new update in org can eliminate the annoying underline, but then again it appears in the next update. My org is up to date as of today (8/23/2018). I'm using macOS high Sierra.

Can someone give me advice on how to remove the underline?

Thanks in advance!

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The underlining is part of the face org-ellipsis. Please note that the variable org-ellipsis and the face org-ellipsis are two different things! You can change the appearance of the customized ellipsis with:
M-x customize-face RET org-ellipsis RET

The face org-ellipsis has no influence if the standard outline ellipsis is used, i.e., the variable org-ellipsis is set to nil.

  • or you can do (set-face-underline 'org-ellipsis nil) if you want to code your customization. Commented Jan 3, 2021 at 12:16

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