I have been struggling to set up org-caldav with (multiple) google calendar(s) for some time. Syncing works, but one remaining annoying problem is that I am asked for the passphrase many (5-many) times, even though I have set plstore-cache-passphrase-for-symmetric-encryption. Does anyone recognise the problem and/or have a fix?

I'm using ubuntu 14.04, emacs-version 25.1.1, org-version: 9.1.14.

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After extensive debugging I found the culprit to be that my gpg-agent was called multiple times. One clue was that the passphrase was asked for in a popup window and not in the Emacs message bar! The following sequence solved my problem:

In my terminal (bash shell)

$ emacs

In Emacs

M-x org-caldav-sync

Now I am asked for the passphrase once in the Emacs message bar!

(Also see: https://github.com/dengste/org-caldav/issues/117.)

Edit: Adding

(setenv "GPG_AGENT_INFO")

to my .emacs also worked.

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