I'm editing TypeScript using Tide, successfully, except that it complains about every single import statement. For example:

import { GraphQLSchema } from 'graphql';

I see an error in the minibuffer:

Module 'graphql' is not listed as dependency in package.json [no-implicit-dependencies]

My repository layout is like so:

<repository root>
\-- service
  +-- package.json
  +-- tslint.yml
  \-- src
    \-- something.ts

If I go and open up the package.json file it's right there, and if I run tslint outside Emacs or in a *shell* buffer it works fine. All of the other type checking works fine and I happily get JavaScript type errors, it's just this one complaint, almost as if it's not finding package.json where it expects.

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This turns out to have been a known issue in flycheck and updating to the melpa version of flycheck fixes it. (My .emacs file prefers melpa-stable packages, even though they can be mildly dated. I think I need a version from at least 20180309, but “stable” version 31 is from 7 Oct 2017.)

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