I don't have direct access to my remote machine at work. Normally I login with the following commands

(local)$ ssh id@gateway 
Yubikey prompt (physically push a button on the yubikey)
PW prompt:
(gateway)$ (custom login command) 
PW prompt: 
(gateway)$ rlogin id@remote
(remote)$ access!

I've gone through the tramp examples for multi-hop ssh connections. however

  1. There were no mention of how to setup tramp with a physical authentication device
  2. No mention of how to issue a command on the gateway

Is there a way to tunnel through this in tramp-mode?

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I don't know which Tramp version you are using. The recent Tramp 2.4.0 manual discusses the case in section 6.9.1 Tunneling with ssh. As ProxyCommand you need to apply your rlogin id@remote.

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