Let's say I'm recording some information about TV shows in an org-mode document.

The properties drawer can be used to store things like season and episode number.

What's a good way to represent a list of characters in the show?

The documentation makes it sound like only one value can be used per property. So it seems like a property is not a good way to go here.

I guess I can create a node characters with items under it. E.g.

* Star Trek: The Next Generation                              :tv_series:

**** Encounter at Farpoint                                       :episode:
:season:   1
:episode_number: 1

***** characters
Leonard McCoy

**** Déjà Q                                                      :episode:
:season:   3
:episode_number: 13

***** characters

However, this way we don't get the fancy completion on character values (like we do with property values).

And, with things setup this way, is there a way to search for episodes with Q as a character?

Is there a better approach for storing multiple values associated with a property?


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