Windows 10 (64 bit), Emacs 26.1

Here my init.el

(require 'openwith)
;; Settings for package "openwith"
(when (require 'openwith nil 'noerror)
  (setq openwith-associations
     (list (openwith-make-extension-regexp '("doc" "docx" "rtf")) "word" '(file))
     (list (openwith-make-extension-regexp '("mpg" "mpeg" "mp3" "mp4" "avi" "wmv" "wav" "mov" "mkv")) "vlc" '(file))
     (list (openwith-make-extension-regexp '("pdf")) "FoxitReader" '(file))
     (list (openwith-make-extension-regexp '("png" "gif" "bmp" "tif" "jpeg" "jpg")) "xnview" '(file))
     (list (openwith-make-extension-regexp '("rdp")) "Remote Desctop Connection" '(file))
     (list (openwith-make-extension-regexp '("xls" "xlsx")) "excel" '(file))
  (openwith-mode 1))

So when I in dired mode enter over file with extension "xls" that start default application Excel and open this file. Nice.

But what about bat and exe files? How I can run it from dired mode?

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Press W in dired-mode (Emacs 26.1). See also the corresponding answer to question https://emacs.stackexchange.com/a/47522/21506

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