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I would like to export the following org-mode document to LaTeX:

* Test
  text 1
  text 2
  text 3

  - list 1
  - list 2
  - list 3

  environment 1
  environment 2

I want to preserve the line breaks to achieve a tex document looking like:

text 1\\
text 2\\
text 3

\item list 1
\item list 2
\item list 3

environment 1\\
environment 2

i.e. I would like to append \\ after each line preceding regular text (for example, it should not be appended before a blank line, \item, or \end{...}).

I can almost achieve this using #+OPTIONS: \n:t but this appends \\ to each line, not just lines preceding regular text. Are there simple ways to achieve this? What configuration settings should I try to play with?

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