Eshell does not seem to have built-in support for the greater-than symbol. How can I run the command: git diff SHA1234567890 > patch.diff

I could run a separate shell command ...

(start-process "git-diff" nil "/bin/bash" "-c" COMMAND-STRING)`

... but, I'd like to add Eshell support for creating git diff patches.

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Eshell does have support for > redirection, however, it connects process output using standard Emacs functions (start-process, etc). With the default setting of process-connection-type, this means that it uses a pty to communicate with git. git then tries to invoke the pager, which doesn't work so well in the "dumb terminal" that eshell provides. So, possible solutions:

git --no-pager diff SHA1234567890 > patch.diff

(setq process-connection-type nil)
git diff SHA1234567890 > patch.diff

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