windows 10, emacs 26.1, icicles

Before Icicles when I type C-x C-f is show list of folders/files in ido mode. And it's very comfortable for me.

But after I install Icicles and turn on icy-mode the ido mode is gone (e.g. when I type C-x C-f). Is it normal? Now is show Icicles candidates to complete. OK, but I want to work with ido mode. Is it possible?

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    I'm not really surprised because icy-mode and ido-mode solve the same problem. No wonder there's a conflict.
    – wasamasa
    Sep 5, 2018 at 16:56

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Please take a look at the Icicles documentation. Section Icicles - Ido and IswitchB covers this.

It tells you, for example, "You cannot use Icicles and Ido together, however – they use the minibuffer in incompatible ways."

However, you can use Icicles and Icomplete together. Icomplete shows you completion candidates in the minibuffer (and lets you choose them) in a way similar to Ido.

Icicles - Ido and IswitchB also tells you how you can get more Ido-like behavior while using Icicles. There are different parts of Ido behavior that you can obtain, with respect to: incremental completion, non-expansion of minibuffer input, matching, cycling and sorting, current candidate, editing input, display of completions, auto-choice of single candidate, and more.

That page also tells you that to get Ido-like behavior for files (your C-x C-f example) you just need to customize option icicle-files-ido-like-flag.

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