I'm using org-mode to write a novel and I would like to have any text between "quotes" to be a different color, just to be able to easily see when a character is talking.

Also, if I could have a list of names (in document) that are character names, and have those names highlighted too that would be awesome. Bonus if I can click them to go to a (in document) description of them.


You can use the font-lock-add-keywords function to add keywords to any face you like, in any mode. In fact, the keywords are regular expressions, so quotes are also possible:

(font-lock-add-keywords 'org-mode '(
  ("Herbert" 'org-warning)
  ("Caesar" 'org-warning)
  ("\"[^\"]*\"" . 'org-ellipsis)
  ("«[^»]*»" . 'org-ellipsis)

Multi-line quotes may behave somewhat strange, though, especially the non-paired quotes (" and '), as opposed to paired ones (e.g. «guillemots»).

To find suitable faces for your keywords, you can use M-x customize-faces.

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