I'm learning Clojure and Emacs at the same time 🤕 I use Spacemacs with Evil.

Recently I've learned about Lisp state and I find it very handy. The only problem is that whenever I switch to insert state to type some code and then leave it, I end up in normal state and have to go back to Lisp state with SPC k ., which is quite a streak. In Clojure (including Cider REPL) I find Lisp state superior to normal, so I would like to have it like that:

  • When entering Clojure buffer start in the Lisp state
  • When leaving insert / visual / etc., e.g. by pressing ESC - go to Lisp state
  • When pressing ESC in Lisp state - go to the normal state
  • When pressing ESC id normal state - go to Lisp state

So basically, in Clojure mode, I want to make Lisp state a default, just like normal is right now, with additional feature of having ESC switch between the two.

Does it make sense? Is it possible? I bet it is :) How?


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