According to the "Evilified modes" documentation [1], C-u gets moved to C-U, but when I try to hit that (Ctrl+Shift+u), my cursor still gets moved one page up, instead of starting a new long command.

[1] - http://spacemacs.org/doc/DOCUMENTATION.html#evilified-modes


That would be SPC u if memory serves me correctly.

  • Any idea if there is a way to call the C-u prefix in insert mode? – user1338062 Jan 17 '19 at 8:07
  • @user1338062 If you use dotspacemacs-editing-style 'hybrid, you can C-u M-x your-command as you normally would. hybrid generally makes insert mode work like normal Emacs. – Teodor Feb 4 '20 at 9:51

Read Universal argument in the documentation:

Spacemacs binds C-u to scroll-up and change the universal argument binding to SPC u.

In insert mode, space will obviously insert space, so C-u needs to be typed after the command, before RET:

Note: SPC u is not working before helm-M-x (SPC SPC). Instead, call helm-M-x first, select the command you want to run, and press C-u before pressing RETURN. For instance: SPC SPC org-reload C-u RET

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