Is there a way to show the list of buffers whilst moving through them?

ie. next buffer would ideally also pop up a list of buffers to show the buffers that are coming up next

  • What about C-x b (switch-to-buffer) isn't what you want?
    – zck
    Sep 23 '18 at 5:57
  • it kind of is but it doesn't open the buffer in the current window. ideally it'll be switch-to-prev and switch-to-next and automatically closing the minibuffer when a command other than the previous two are given (instead of opening up the minibuffer and using arrowkeys)
    – zcaudate
    Sep 23 '18 at 6:08
  • I still don't understand this question. Do you think you could give an excruciatingly explicit example showing a sequence of keypresses or commands, and the resulting behaviour at each step? Sep 26 '18 at 18:41

If you use Icicles then C-x b (and other commands that let you choose a buffer, e.g. C-x k) let you cycle and otherwise navigate to any number of buffers.

This is because they are multi-commands: You can act on any of them individually, using C-RET (or C-down etc., to act and cycle at the same time). And you can filter them with your minibuffer content and then act on all of them, using C-!.

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