I'm viewing a file containing visually aligned columns in truncate line mode, and would like to scroll vertically without changing my horizontal scroll position. But scroll-down always moves the cursor to the first column. Is there a simple way to prevent this, and keep the current horizontal point position?


I believe you're looking for something like:

(setq scroll-preserve-screen-position 'always)
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  • Unfortunately, this will still scroll if e.g. point lands on an empty line. – Kodiologist Jan 5 at 13:03

Option goal-column might help in this regard. C-h v goal-column says:

goal-column is a variable defined in simple.el.

Its value is nil

Automatically becomes buffer-local when set.


Semipermanent goal column for vertical motion, as set by C-x C-n, or nil.

A non-nil setting overrides the variable line-move-visual, which see.

You can customize this variable.

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  • Thanks. It does the job, though it's behavior seems unintuitive as it is respected by C-n and C-p but not by C-v and M-v. – Dov Grobgeld Sep 26 '18 at 14:44

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