I would like to repeat M-x string-inflection-camelcase on several words. For example in:

foo_bar baz qux-quux quuz CORGE_GRAULT GARPLY

I place my cursor on foo_bar and then enter M-x string-inflection-camelcase, which changes foo_bar to FooBar. I can then move forward via M-f and C-f several times and press C-x ESC ESC, which brings up Redo: (string-inflection-camelcase). I can then press Enter to change CORGE_GRAULT to CorgeGrault.

However, this key sequence is slow compared to the C-x z z commands used for a basic repeat.

How can I re-execute string-inflection-camelcase more efficiently after moving my cursor around?


Define a keyboard macro that includes the change command and the move to the beginning of the next word. Then repeat the macro as many times as you need.

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