When I use Reftex to insert a reference (i.e., M-x reftex-reference or C-c )), I am prompted to select a label type in a new window:

[ ] any
[e] eqnarray equation Beqnarray subequations xxalignat xalignat alignat flalign multline gather align
[f] figure* figure wrapfigure \subfigure subfigure* subfigure SCfigure sidewaysfigure tabwindow figwindow floatingfigure
[i] enumerate
[l] minted lstlisting
[n] \footnote
[N] \endnote
[s] section
[t] table* table \ctable wraptable supertabular SCtable sidewaystable longtable

How do I choose "any" - what does [ ] mean?

Is it possible to remove this step and always choose the "any" ?


In this case [ ] any means press the space key.

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