Roughly, I have:

#+options: H:2

* Introduction
** Some definition
    + list item1
    + list item2

This shows Some definition as its own beamer frame (with + list item1..).

Question: How can I have, atop each beamer frame, the section title also? This way I would get a slide that shows something like Introduction and Some definition at the top (i.e., a slide with two titles), with + list item 1... below.


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How about something like the following in the preamble?

#+latex_header: \setbeamertemplate{frametitle}{\insertsection~\\\insertframetitle}

#+latex_header: \makeatletter

#+latex_header: \CheckCommand*\beamer@checkframetitle{\@ifnextchar\bgroup\beamer@inlineframetitle{}}

#+latex_header: \renewcommand*\beamer@checkframetitle{\global\let\beamer@frametitle\relax\@ifnextchar\bgroup\beamer@inlineframetitle{}}

#+latex_header: \makeatother

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