I am setting up mu4e with offlineIMAP. I haven't written my password in any dot file so I have to enter it manually. I can retrieve email from the console via offlineimap but when I try it from within emacs I can't make it work. My .emacs file contains

   mu4e-get-mail-command "offlineimap"
   mu4e-update-interval nil)

(setq                         ;;for faster indexing see manual
  mu4e-index-cleanup nil      ;; don't do a full cleanup check
  mu4e-index-lazy-check t)    ;; don't consider up-to-date dirs  

how to reproduce:

open emacs  
M-x mu4e-update-mail-and-index  
a) type 123abc enter
   letters trigger 'a is undefined', ...
   enter opens tutorial
b) click inside the '*mu4e-update*' buffer, type 123abc enter
   letters trigger 'a is undefined', ...
   enter triggers 'Buffer is read-only: #<buffer  *mu4e-update*>'
c) click inside minibuffer that says '[mu4e] Retrieving mail... |'
   *Messages* buffer gains focus
   type 123abc enter behaves as b)

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I was having the same issue so I filed an issue https://github.com/djcb/mu/issues/1329 and I got it working using the following in my ~/.emacs file

(setq mu4e~get-mail-password-regexp "^Enter password for account 'Remote': $")

You have to make sure that this regexp will match the password prompt.

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