I am looking for a way to produce HTML documentation for functions and variables defined in my .el files. One way I have seen suggested is by using texi2html tool. The challenge is to produce the input for texi2html. In particular, how do I export help for multiple Emacs-Lisp symbols into a single Texinfo file?


For racket-mode I wanted to have GitHub host a Reference.md file that recapitulated the doc strings for user commands, vars, and faces. That way, people could browse online without installing.

What I came up with to do so is racket-make-doc.el. How it works:

  1. I specify the commands, vars, and faces in a defconst for each.
  2. Iterate over each, using (respectively) (documentation symbol), (documentation-property s 'variable-documentation), and (documentation-property symbol 'face-documentation).
  3. Do some cleanup and transforms to try to produce valid markdown:
    • Try to "linkify".
    • Adjust <code>-ish quotes from `docstring' to `markdown` style.
    • HTML escaping.

It's all a bit kludgy but I offer it as-is in case it's a starting point.

Step 3 could instead emit a .org or .texinfo format file. I suppose it could even emit a .html file in the first place.

UPDATE: More recently, I'm doing almost exactly what I think you want: these sources produce this HTML.

 | racket-mode.org |     +---------------+      ---------------
 | #!INCLUDE:      |--<--| reference.org |--<--/ generate.el  /---<--{doc strings}
 +-----------------+     +---------------+     ---------------
        |       +------------------+       +------------------+
        +--->---| racket-mode.texi |--->---| racket-mode.info |
        |       +------------------+       +------------------+
        |       +------------------+
        +--->---| racket-mode.html |

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