I'd like to change the color of unchecked checkboxes in org-mode. To be exact, I want them to be displayed in the color of TODO keywords.

So I've tried to tackle this using custom-set-faces and :inherit, but this didn't have any effect:

(custom-set-faces '(org-checkbox ((t (:inherit org-todo)))))

Any idea how to do this properly?

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    Dunno. That looks OK to me. Maybe someone else has better eyesight. Have you started Emacs using emacs -Q? Maybe something else changes it later (?). What's the effect - no effect? Better question: Why not just use M-x customize-face?
    – Drew
    Oct 11, 2018 at 13:50
  • @Drew Thanks! There was no effect. See my answer below.
    – Timm
    Oct 12, 2018 at 9:12

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@Drew was right: in some other part of my init.el, I had overwritten org-todo with custom-set-faces:

 '(org-todo ((t (:overline t))))) 

This seems to reset the :foreground property. Instead, I should have used:

(face-spec-set 'org-todo '((t (:overline t))))

See http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/elisp_define_face.html.

Eventually, however, I found an even better way, in my view, to highlight and discern checked and unchecked checkboxes. Based on the proposal here, the checkbox text is colorized rather than the brackets:

enter image description here

(defface org-checkbox-todo-text
    '((t (:inherit org-todo)))
    "Face for the text part of an unchecked org-mode checkbox.")

 `(("^[ \t]*\\(?:[-+*]\\|[0-9]+[).]\\)[ \t]+\\(\\(?:\\[@\\(?:start:\\)?[0-9]+\\][ \t]*\\)?\\[\\(?: \\|\\([0-9]+\\)/\\2\\)\\][^\n]*\n\\)" 1 'org-checkbox-todo-text prepend))

(defface org-checkbox-done-text
    '((t (:inherit org-done)))
    "Face for the text part of a checked org-mode checkbox.")

 `(("^[ \t]*\\(?:[-+*]\\|[0-9]+[).]\\)[ \t]+\\(\\(?:\\[@\\(?:start:\\)?[0-9]+\\][ \t]*\\)?\\[\\(?:X\\|\\([0-9]+\\)/\\2\\)\\][^\n]*\n\\)" 1 'org-checkbox-done-text prepend))

you missed the :foreground nil, corrected code snippet according to the requirement

(custom-set-faces '(org-checkbox ((t (:foreground nil :inherit org-todo)))))

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