I'm aware of several answers regarding font sizes for org or auctex. However, is there a way to require all faces have the default font size for all modes? I'm new to emacs and currently using spacemacs. I'm happy with whatever solutions works, but I'd prefer a solution that only involves editing .spacemacsas I'm reluctant to poke around in other config files.

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I don't know if this is the best way to do it, but you can loop over all faces and set their height to 1.0, which means to use the same height as the default face:

(cl-loop for face in (face-list) do
         (unless (eq face 'default)
           (set-face-attribute face nil :height 1.0)))

I think this won't affect faces created after the loop runs, so it may need to be run again after loading more packages. (Maybe after-load-functions, or if it's just a few packages creating these faces, with-eval-after-load on those packages)

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