here a little example to explain my problem :

How to get "marge" or ("marge") from oef-highlighted-variable ?

#("marge" 0 5 (fontified nil face oef-font-variable-name-face))

With replace-regexp-in-string or Is there a better way ?

SOLVED by wasamasa

(substring-no-properties oef-highlighted-variable)

This is how Emacs displays a propertized string. It contains of the text "marge", but also has the properties fontified and face applied from position 0 to 5. If you pass it to other string handling functions, it will be handled the same, with the exception of those that look up string properties (such as equal-including-properties which compares them, string-equal however doesn't).

If you're still bothered by this, you can use substring-no-properties to obtain a string without them.

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