I would like to see a bent arrow (↩) in the window fringe, when I'm using visual-line-mode becuse with no linum-mode (e.g. org, md, latex..) I'm not able to distinguish the lines.

References: LineWrap

  • I'd like to add to this question by asking for something that would work in terminal Emacs, which doesn't have a fringe. I'd still like to see a similar indication for lines which have been wrapped. Also, I'd like to customize the symbol used to indicate line wrap when doing M-x toggle-truncate-lines. Currently it's a backslash, but I'd like to change that to the bent arrow, for instance.
    – izkon
    Commented Oct 29, 2018 at 16:44

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(setq visual-line-fringe-indicators '(left-curly-arrow right-curly-arrow))

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